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Get rid of ads on your Android device


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Adblock Plus for Android is the official Adblock Plus app for Android devices, developed by the same team, and with practically the same features as the original desktop version.

Configuring Adblock Plus for Android is a little more complex than for other versions. Luckily, the app comes with a complete tutorial that will help you configure everything in just a few minutes, without having to tinker too much with your network configuration.

Once you've gotten Adblock Plus for Android set up, you can browse the Internet from your smartphone without having to deal with any annoying banner ads or other distractions. This really comes in handy for Android, since too many ads will often slow down your machine.

Adblock Plus for Android is a useful application for anyone who frequently uses their smartphone or tablet to browse the web. Not only will it get those awful ads out of your sight, but it will help your device run more smoothly in the process.